Funky in the Country

Legend, 1974
Bob Gibson Legacy, 2008 (CD re-issue)

Funky in the Country was recorded live at Amazingrace Coffee House near Chicago. This solid collection of songs had been several years in the making. Accompanying himself on 12-string guitar, with John Guth playing lead, Bob returns to the pure acoustic folk sound with which he had long been identified. Recognizing that formulas used by the major labels allow for little remuneration for the artist until all expenses are recouped, Bob did something very few performers were doing at that time - he released Funky in the Country on his own label, Legend Records.


  1. Cindy Dreams of California
  2. I Never Got to Know Her Very Well
  3. Come on Back Baby (Lovesick Blues)
  4. Funky in the Country
  5. Dime a Dozen Times
  6. Living Legend
  7. Abilene/2:19 Blues
  8. I Can't Hide the Way
  9. Farewell Party
  10. One and Only/Brownsville
  11. The Tarot and The Banjo
  12. That's the Way It's Gonna Be (MP3)
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