Gibson & Camp
Homemade Music

Mountain Railroad, 1978
Bob Gibson Legacy, 2008 (CD re-issue)

On Homemade Music, Gibson and Camp reunite for their first album together in 18 years. Here they team up with old friend and musical colleague, Dick Rosmini. The album was created in Rosmini's home studio with Dick acting as producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer and photographer. Plus, he played all the back-up instrumentals. Thus the title, Homemade Music. It highlights not only Gibson's and Camp's own compositions, but those of Shel Silverstein, Steve Goodman and Michael Smith.


  1. Me and Jimmie Rodgers
  2. Lookin for Trouble
  3. Self-Satisfaction
  4. Dogies
  5. Dead on the Run
  6. Billy Come Home
  7. Sing for the Song
  8. Spoon River
  9. Fancy Ladies
  10. Light Up My Lady
  11. Homemade Music
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