The Living Legend Years

Bob Gibson Legacy, 2008

Bob Gibson, The Living Legend Years [BGL-1001] is the first of five CDs from Bob Gibson Legacy. This compilation disc features tunes from four of Gibsonís independent label releases, as well as new, previously unreleased material from the 1970s through the 80s. The Living Legend Years features songs from Funky In The Country, Homemade Music, Perfect High, and Uptown Saturday Night, in addition to three never before released cuts. Although this CD is sold out and currently not in print, 10 of the 13 songs are available on the original album as indicated in the track listing below.


  1. That's The Way It's Gonna Be (from Funky in the Country)
  2. Let The Band Play Dixie (from Uptown Saturday Night)
  3. Box of Candy (and a Piece of Fruit) (from The Perfect High)
  4. Me And Jimmie Rodgers (from Gibson & Camp, Homemade Music)
  5. Dolphins (previously unreleased)
  6. Smoke Dawson (previously unreleased)
  7. Billy Come Home Now (from Gibson & Camp, Homemade Music)
  8. Pilgrim (from Uptown Saturday Night)
  9. I Never Got To Know Her Very Well (from Funky in the Country)
  10. And Lovin' You (from Uptown Saturday Night)
  11. What You Gonna Do About Love (Gibson & Camp, previously unreleased)
  12. Sing For The Song (from Gibson & Camp, Homemade Music)
  13. Living Legend (from Funky in the Country)
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