Ski Songs

Elektra, 1959

By the late '50s Bob was living in Aspen and doing a lot of skiing. At some point he got together with three women who worked at the Denver Post and set out to write a musical all about skiing. Though he admitted to thinking it kind of a sophomoric venture, he was proud that out of the project came a couple really good songs which are included on Ski Songs - In This White World and What'll We Do. Bob continues the practice of using some of the finest session players on bass, banjo and electric guitar, and although Ski Songs is not really folk, his roots are most evident.

Click on the song titles to listen to Real clips; click on the notes next to the song title to buy the MP3 song or album from Amazon, or listen to their clips; click here to buy a song or the album from iTunes. Note: If you look around at Amazon or Itunes, ignore the other, possibly cheaper album of Ski Songs; I don't know where it came from, but the recordings are different and don't sound as good. The links here are to the official version from the original record label.


  1. Celebrated Skier  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  2. In This White World  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  3. Super Skier  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  4. Highlands Lassie  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  5. Bend in His Knees  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  6. Talking Skier  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  7. Ski Patrol  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  8. Skiin' in the Mornin'  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  9. Super Skier's Last Race  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  10. What'll We Do  Buy MP3 from Amazon
  11. Skol to the Skier  Buy MP3 from Amazon
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