The Perfect High

Mountain Railroad, 1980
Bob Gibson Legacy, 2008 (CD re-issue)

Recorded at Charlotte's Web in Rockford, Illinois and The Earl of Old Town in Chicago, this album again demonstrates what Bob did best - singing in front of a live audience. Adding their voices to the mix are Anne Hills and Tom Paxton with whom Bob would later form the trio, Best of Friends. The material contained here continues to spotlight Bob's collaborations, mostly with Shel Silverstein, but occasionally with others.


  1. Just A Thing I Do (Kathy O'Grady's Song)
  2. Yes Mr. Rogers
  3. Leaving for the Last Time
  4. Army of Children
  5. Rock Me Sweet Jesus
  6. Heavenly Choir
  7. Mendocino Desperados
  8. Cuckoo Again
  9. Middle Aged Groupies
  10. Box of Candy (and a Piece of Fruit)
  11. Baba Fats (The Perfect High)
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