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The late Bob Gibson, superstar of the folk music renaissance of the '50s and '60s, wrote and revitalized a wide-ranging collection of songs, many of which have become deeply embedded in our cultural psyche.

The Bob Gibson Legacy concerts invoke the performance magic of this musical legend who always thought the real star of the show was the audience. Bob's eldest daughter, Meridian Green, along with veteran entertainers Rick Grumbecker and John Heller, performing as The Fare-Thee-Wells, take the audience on a musical journey through the heart of American folk music. From Greenwich Village's Washington Square to Chicago's Gate of Horn, from California's Mendocino Coast to Kerrville, Texas, through songs and stories, medleys and sing-alongs, playing banjo, 12-string, 6-string and Nashville high-strung guitars, they bring our shared musical history home.

Bob Gibson

Pete Seeger and Smithsonian researchers collected a treasure trove of folk music but it took the charismatic Bob Gibson to make this music the pop culture of the '50s and '60s. Through his performances, as well as his mentoring of new artists and songwriters, Bob altered the landscape of American music. His ringing tenor voice, innovative instrumental virtuosity and captivating showmanship brought folk music into venues that had never before experienced the tradition of the traveling troubadour.

Meridian Green

Meridian Green grew up in Greenwich Village, enchanted by the magic of live music and songs well sung. After moving to Mendocino she played with the Gypsy Gulch International String Band. She has recorded a solo album and two eclectic Americana duet albums with former Byrd member Gene Parsons, and toured in Europe, the U.K. and across the U.S. In addition to her musical career Meridian was CEO of StringBender, Inc., is the co-inventor of the Parsons/Green B-Bender, a popular guitar accessory, and founder of Bob Gibson Legacy Records. Now, in addition to reissuing her father's recordings, she is bringing his musical legacy to life on the stage.

Rick Grumbecker

Rick Grumbecker gave up a promising career as a major league batboy with the Chicago White Sox in order to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. But no one understood his humor so, disguised as an earnest young folksinger, Rick has lived the life of the traveling troubadour, playing in saloons, coffeehouses and pre-karaoke Holiday Inns throughout the United States of America and also in Texas. His extensive repertoire of contemporary and traditional material includes many of Shel Silverstein's best and most obscure songs. Bob Gibson was a huge influence on Rick who returned the favor by introducing Bob to master guitar builder, Bozo Podunavac. Rick also created the graphics for the Bob Gibson Legacy CDs, as well as those of many other recording artists.

John Heller

John Heller began his lifelong musical journey at the age of 12 after sitting on stage during a Bob Gibson concert. During his high school and college years John played Gibson songs in a trio with multi-instrumentalist Larry Basil and funnyman Bill Murray. After Murray left the group to pursue his comedy and movie career, John and Larry took an extended hiatus. The duo of Basil and Heller reunited three years ago and are once again being warmly received by audiences throughout the Chicago area. John is a good friend of Bozo Podunavac and an aficionado of his guitars. It was this love of Bobís music and Bozo guitars that brought the Bob Gibson Legacy into existence. John is the executive producer of the Bob Gibson Legacy CDs.

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