Gibson & Camp...Revisited

B*G Records, 1986

It was Gibson and Camp in Chicago all over again - only now it was June of 1986 at Holstein's. In honor of the silver anniversary of their legendary recording at the Gate of Horn, these two veterans of folk got back together to recreate their best selling album in its entirety. For four nights they sang the songs, revived the patter and electrified the audiences - just like they'd done 25 years earlier. This recording contains an additional three songs not recorded on the original album.


  1. You Can Tell the World
  2. Well, Well, Well
  3. Skillet Good and Greasy
  4. Old Blue
  5. St. Claire's Defeat
  6. I'm Gonna Tell God
  7. Two in the Middle
  8. Civil War Trilogy

    First Battalion
    Two Brothers
    Yes I See

  9. Daddy Roll 'Em
  10. Chicago Cops
  11. The Thinking Man
  12. Wayfaring Stranger
  13. Betty and Dupree
  14. That's What You Get for Loving Me
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